Point Blank Hack Trainer Bot v8.0 Unlimited

Point Blank

Point Blank, Counter Strike style game is an armed battle. But it is not over virtual networks, such as Counter Strike, Point Blank games in the game room is a game played on. With basic equipment such as Counter Strike 4 that this is a brief information about these online games.

BENEFITS OF Point Blank HACK Trainer

Point Blank HACK

Our designer team may be working using the look with this Point Blank Hack and I must say. They did a really good job! I mean look at it! It’s amazing, we’ve got 7 regular designers focusing on our every day hacks.

To use the Weapon Hacker, Va in inventory Press CTRL + F6, Click ONN in Trainer Choose a weapon in the list at start press CTRL + DEL Every time reborn.

To use the issue of weapons, Click Universal Protection 1 first.

HOW USE Point Blank Hack Trainer Functions:

Modes: Head Hunter, Match Club and shotgun and sniper fake
– Playing Cards: Dinosaurs, Survivors and Total
– Anti-AFK: you are not sent off to stay long standing in the game
– Hack Invitation: Selects 8 invitation slots
– No-respawn: you wait one second to revive and not 4
– Dino spam (EXTREME): passes sometimes by Ps door: more powerful than any other
– Anti-AFK²: you are not sent off to stay long standing in the room
– Clean X-Trap logs and **** With pain: with some people, the X-Trap detects some EC’s undetectable by erasing the logs you no longer have this problem and leaves you with **** faster pain
– Hax Macro: + flood colorful message
– Slot 1 TR No Nick: Let the one of the 1st red time slot without nick, useful in videos
– Exit Ghost, come out of the match without winning withdrawal, gold and units of guns (Ctrl + F4)
– Free Camera: active free camera just for you (Ctrl + F5)
– Unequip Primary Weapon: unequip your primary weapon (Ctrl + F6)
– No Fall Damage: You do not lose life when falling from high places or with the grenade, put your HP will always be at 100% (Client Side)
– Anti Helmet Protection: All are without helmet
– Fly Hack: You fly (Ctr + X)
– Lock: You lock, useful when falling from somewhere, you catch … (Ctrl + C)
– Unlock: You unlock the hacker above (Ctrl + V)
– HP Respawn: You reborn when your HP is = or less than the desired HP in Trainer
– No-Recoil (Updated): …
– Accuracy 100% (Updated): …
– No-Spread (Updated): …
– Scope (Updated): …
– Cartridge (Updated): …
– Bullets (Updated): …
– Protection Of Arms 1 (recommend): …
– Invisible Death Hacker: At death you are reborn getting invisible on departure
– Hack Mask: I fixed bugs and added the “Common Helmet”
– Tipping Dino Mode: By pressing the button or press Ctrl + F7 you drop the dino mode
– You Without Nick and Nick of Colored People: …
– Wall / Chams (Unpublished): It injects a Wall / Chams dll that it contains a variety of content, including Auto-Shot (I do not know if it works the Auto-Shot) [Press DEL (Delete) to open the Menu]– Inject Some .dll: You inject the dll selected in the ‘PointBlank.exe ”
– Protection Of Arms 2 (Updated): …
– Close Pointblank (Shift + F5): …
– Remove Lags PB: …
– Change Owner: Click change owner or press Ctrl + F3 and change the owner of the game the current owner loses the room
– Reload Hack and Fast Shot: Do not press the right button with the knife or will take disconnect (Neat)
– Current Time: Informs the team that you are
– Nick Change: Select the slot you want and change the nick (Client Side)
Some options …


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