Can it be just one single person who runs NewHACK4U?

No, there are in fact four folks. You can find out much more about us as well as what much of our roles are by reading the About Us page.

I downloaded a hack tool and it’s also not working, what can i do?

When a hack just isn’t working, we’re going to temporarily remove it from our website until it’s been updated. However, if you realise built to be not working, please message us with all the contact page. Inside your message you must include the software and then any other relevant information. If it is a keygen that isn’t working, please provide us with the serial key which you attempted to use.

Why must I complete a survey to gain access a download?

We dedicate a large majority in our time to running NewHACK4U. We’ve costs to fund our website, hosting, programs employed to develop our software etc. Each survey completed makes us a small amount of money so it helps to pay for these costs. Completion of market research will require only a few minutes of their time and we find it as a better alternative rather than to directly charge users for the software.

I’d like a hack for the specific game. Could you make one?

Unfortunately it is not as easy as just making a hack. A great deal of work has to penetrate with it. However, you might be more than here you are at e mail us if we have enough need for a certain game, we’re going to definitely ponder over it.

I would like to follow your self on Facebook or Twitter, what’s your username?

You can find links to both our facebook and twitter page on top of your website.

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